Jim Dulin

Founder of The Family Legacy Foundation

"I am very fortunate to have had a fun and lucrative career at Spectrum Properties, a development company based in Charlotte, NC. My partners and I have been developing office buildings, apartments, condominiums, retail and student housing for 30 years and have been very active in community charities the entire time. Through FLF I wanted to expand that giving internationally by helping the neediest. I am very excited about working on a holistic transformation of the village of La Ladrillera, Guatemala while involving families who wish to leave a dynamic legacy of helping others.”


Stanley Romero

Program Director - Guatemala

"It's a great privilege to be a member of the Family Legacy Foundation team. I've been involved in missions for the last 15 years. I feel honored to be able to use my gift of languages to communicate the needs of the people of my country. I am able to serve by fulfilling needs for transportation, communication and logistics. It is so rewarding to watch how FLF’s programs enrich the lives of families of La Ladrillera."


Susan Dulin

Program Director - USA

"I believe that God blessed me with the gift of languages and a heart for the poor and less fortunate. Being a part of FLF gives me the opportunity to live life at the intersection of my gifts and my passion. My position with the foundation includes communicating with our friends and fellow team members in La Ladrillera and sharing their hopes, needs, joys and concerns. I help implement new programs and ensure the sustainability of current programs. Everyday brings new challenges and with those challenges comes exciting opportunities to make a difference I'm so grateful to be a part of this caring foundation."


Dirsy Zapon

Librarian and Administration - La Ladrillera

Dirsy oversees children’s programs at the library built by FLF in 2010. She also handles FLF’s administrative needs to ensure that the programs continue to be successful.


Nicolas Yax (left) and Don Chico

Nicolas Yax is the homebuilder for FLF’s Bamboo Housing program. His efforts to grow his bamboo furniture business are what brought FLF to La Ladrillera 10 years ago.

Francisco Chay (Don Chico) is head of security for the village of La Ladrillera. He keeps our team safe during our yearly visits to La Ladrillera and keeps our programs running on a daily basis.


Micaela Yax

Wellness nurse - La Ladrillera

Micaela is finishing her nursing degree through a scholarship program offered through FLF. In return she provide wellness visits to villagers needing extra attention, providing general first aid, pregnant woman check ups, children and the elderly health checks.