Wellness Program


Recognizing a need for basic first aid and preventative care, FLF supports a program which provides general first aid and wellness needs to the community by engaging the services of a local nurse who provides periodic wellness checks to at-risk people, including the elderly, pregnant women and small children. Her name is Micaela Yax.

FLF provides funding for pre-natal vitamins for pregnant women, children’s vitamins and first aid items such as band-aids, antibiotic cream and other over-the-counter items.

Additionally FLF is sending Micaela to university where she is obtaining a more advanced degree in nursing so that she can provide more intensive care.

Most medical care needed in La Ladrillera consists of emergency care involving lacerations from machetes, pregnant women with pre-natal issues or unexpected deliveries, sick infants and children, and elderly with special needs.

The program is in immediate need of suture kits, a labor and delivery table, an infant scale,  sterilizing equipment and a small refrigerator to keep medicines and samples in. Everyday items such as sheets, scrubs, a lockable medicine cabinet and a stethoscope are needed as well.